A Irlanda é o país dos anos oitenta  posté le mardi 03 juin 2014 18:04

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É sempre divertido para atravessar a ilha de carro. Não há muito espaço para quebrar o limite de velocidade.

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Les grenouilles sont de retour  posté le dimanche 09 mars 2014 21:01


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I just came along the pond this morning and I found this year's spawn in the water. As far as I remember I went there on Friday to check, as I am expecting the spawn in early March. So the frogs must have been there yesterday or this morning to place their eggs.Blog de du : several web tools, Les grenouilles sont de retour In the afternoon today I went there again to see if any more eggs are to be seen. But there were still only two spots.

On the other hand I saw the parents. They were lazing in the sun. Four older frogs and one probably younger guy. I ran to get the camera and sneaked back to the water. While the frogs were not taking much notice of me the gold fish were quickly hiding.

So I got a few good shots of the frogs. They seem to stand guard for their spawn, but I guess they had just returned to that sunny spot to take a sun bath.

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What a weather is this?  posté le lundi 30 décembre 2013 13:37

Agora Natal acabou e véspera de Ano Novo em frente à porta.
Mas o que a cidade se parece? É como no início da primavera ou algum tempo na estação do outono. Temos 6 ~ 8 ° C lá fora. Sem neve à vista. Dirigindo o carro que eu ainda uso as minhas sandálias de verão por ser preguiçoso para apertar os atacadores. Onde é isso? Houve apenas um dia no início de dezembro, quando tivemos um dia chuvoso com alguns flocos de neve misturados dentro Mas não houve neve homens em torno de tão longe. O sol é um pouco acima do horizonte, mas não é "frio", como nós o conhecemos.

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A coisa boa é: Não houve condições meteorológicas que causam problemas nas estradas. Mas algumas crianças não tinha muito divertir com os presentes de Natal, se isso fosse algum inverno equipamento desportivo. Por outro lado, muitos tem smartphones ou outros brinquedos eletrônicos independentes do tempo lá fora.
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Ainda existem alguns vestígios dos dias de Natal acabou de passar. Os bares na "Innenhafen" Não temos muito trabalho a fazer em uma manhã de segunda-feira. Mas tenho certeza de que haverá um pouco mais para fazer amanhã à noite, uma vez que será a última ocasião para uma festa em 2013!

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gitans dans la maison de problème  posté le jeudi 29 août 2013 19:59

There's a big problem in town: An overload of people from Romania have settled down in a block of flats in the middle of a housing complex.

They are citizens of the European Union and have the right to live anywhere in the EU. Blog de du : several web tools, gitans dans la maison de problème They still have no idea of central european social life. They throw their rubbish from the balkony and go outside to shit in the bushes along the street.

These people have no money, not enough professional skills and do not understand any German.

Blog de du : several web tools, gitans dans la maison de problèmeThe building is 4x overcrowded.That means in some apartments live more than 20 people. The owner of the house is happy to have tennants for this ruinous hulk.

But the neighbors fear about their lives and the loss of value of their houses. Some have already decided to move to another town.

And the authorities "can not do anything about it, as the German law is not prepared for something like this".

What those migrants know is that they get no jobs here. But they know about crime. They teach their children how to steal - and do a few things themselves, of course. (Blog de du : several web tools, gitans dans la maison de problèmeThat's at least the reputation of the people that the Germans don't dare to call Gipsies, but call Sinti & Roma instead.)

There are a number of even international warrants of arrest related to people with an address in this block of flats.

What migrants can do here legally is:
Apply for public child support in Germany. The families have mostly more than 3 children. So they get more welfare money here then they ever would earn in Romania. People were heard saying: "After a few months I'm going to buy a house in my home town."


Now as national elections are in sight, some left and right wing parties take the chance to spread their propaganda against migrants.People from poor countries come here and get social benefits while German citizens have to stand in line, have to fight with bureaucracy and have to spend almost all their savings before getting support. Today manifestations took place, held by the rather national orientated "Pro Deutschland" who just focus on this problem and target on the neighbors suffering the recently changing conditions there.

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They want to stop the increasing number of migration. On the other hand all those left wing guys, living in the illusion they were communists - but without experience of that form of society - want to be tolerant and want to integrate foreigners. As amazing: The government parties CDU and FDP were not seen there at all... The right wing party came in a group of maybe 30 people with a loudspeaker car and held some speeches. On the other side of the street were about 900 left wingers shouting "Faschists get off". In between 500 police guys with maybe 100 vehicles and 100 journalists. In the end all this effort was only useful for Pro-Deutschland as they were just a small group of people but attracted a huge crowd - still not all supporters - and got reports all over the news.

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Holiday in Crete was great!  posté le dimanche 30 juin 2013 22:54

I just returned from vacation in Greece! That was really super! Sunshine and heat. Got some sun burn - but i liked it.

I also have some pictures for you here. If you use this little tool you can exactly see where the images were taken. Save the pictures to disk and open them in the program.

Have fun!

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